About Us

passdrivetest.net's mission is to make the driver licensing process easier and more efficient for everyone involved. We try to simplify the drive learning experience for drivers of all ages across Canada, helping new drivers better understand and complete the tasks required to obtain a Canadian drivers license.

passdrivetest.net is 100% free to use, and we always try to provide up-to-date practice tests and information. We aim to offer you additional ways to make your driving or vehicle-related tasks more enjoyable, more reliable and more cost effective.

Who We Are

Founder: BoBo

BoBo is the founder of the passdrivetest.net. When he was in University and tried to get his full G driver licence, he found the learning process is not that enjoyable. So he decided to develop passdrivetest.net to help other people like him to make the drive learning process more more reliable and more cost effective.


passdrivetest.net is a privately owned website not affiliated with or operated by any oganization or government agency.