Free 2021 G1 Practice Test

Road Rules and Road Sign

Road Rules Practice Test

100 Questions

This set of G1 Ontario road rule questions cover the road rules that must understand and follow to become a safe driver in Ontario.

Road Signs Practice Test

100 Questions

This set of G1 Ontario road sign questions contains common road signs that you will encounter on the road in Ontario.


Regulations Practice Test

40 Questions

This set of G1 practice question goes over the speed limits, fines, and tranffic violations. These questions are sometimes hard to memorize and understand. So, prepare to spend more time on this set of G1 practice questions.

G1 Practice Test: Easy

Practice Test 1

40 Questions

In this G1 practice test, it covers the easiest questions you may encounter duing the actual G1 test. It covers most common road signs and road rules in Ontario.

Practice Test 2

40 Questions

This G1 practice test consists of 40 easy road signs and road rules questions. These G1 practice questions can help you to enhance your understanding of road signs and road rules.

Practice Test 3

40 Questions

This set of G1 practice test questions are a little bit harder than the previous two question set. Make mistakes? Don't worry! Check your Chanllenge Bank, and practice on those questions.

G1 Practice Test: Medium

Practice Test 4

40 Questions

In this G1 practice testbank, it covers some less common road signs as well as some road rules for less common situations.

Practice Test 5

40 Questions

This test bank is designed to help you get familar with uncommon road signs and road rules.

G1 Practice Test: Hard

Practice Test 6

40 Questions

This Practice G1 test covers the hardest questions in our G1 test bank. If you made any mistake, don't worry. You can always check your challenge bank to practice on the questions that you didn't answer correct. It's an excellent G1 practice test for those who feel confident in their G1 test knowledge and want to challenge themselves before they go.

All Questions

All Questions

240 Questions

This section contains all the questions in our test bank. It covers all the road signs, road rules, and regulations that you may need to know before you go for the real Ontario G1 test.

What's Ontario G1 Test

All new drivers in Ontario must take a G1 knowledge test. The G1 test is created by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) based on the official driver's handbook. The G1 test is available as paper format at all locations and computer format at some test centers. The G1 test is translated in multiple languages such as English, French, and Chinese. Howerver, not all the languages are provided at a test center. Unlike the road test, writing G1 test doesn't require an appointment, but it is recommended to arrive the DriveTest Center as early as possible. There are 40 multiple choice questions on the G1 test, and the questions consists of two sections: the first section is about road signs in Ontario, and the second section is about road rules. Each G1 test typically takes 20 to 30 minutes to finish. However, the G1 test is not timed, so you don't need to worry about the time when taking the test. After you take a G1 test, you can get the result immediately. You must achieve at least 80% to pass the test, which means you can make at most 4 mistakes on each sections. If you failed, you can pay the fee and try again.

Studying for the G1 test

All the questions in G1 test is based on the official driver's handbookfor the class of licence you try to get. So, it is a good idea to go through the handbook first. After you get familar with it, it is recommended to take G1 practice tests. A lot of websites, including, provide high quality G1 practice tests, so you can choose any of them. At, we put you, the user, at the first place. So, we won't charge you fees to take our G1 practice tests and won't put ads everywhere in our website. We just want to make life a little bit easier :) When finishing a G1 practice test, don't forget to review the challenge bank that collects all the questions you made mistakes on. When you've prepared sufficiently, you will be ready to pass your real G1 test on the first try!

About Our FREE G1 Practice Test

Our Ontario G1 Practice Test has been updated for 2021 and is designed to prepare you for the written part of the Ontario driving test (also see our road test route maps for G2 and G road test). The questions are based on the official driver's handbook and will challenge you on Ontario road signs and rules, driving and parking regulations, vehicle licensing and registration information in Ontario. Each of the questions will provide 4 options to choose from. Notice that the real G1 Test is not timed, so take your time and rule out those unlikely ones: stick to the choice that seems to be the best and most logical way to answer the question. If you make a mistake, our website will automatically prompt you the correct answer before you move on to the next question. And the questions you make mistakes on will be added to the challenge bank automatically, and you can review them at any time. In the real G1 test, you will only be allowed to make 10 mistakes out of 40 questions to pass the test. In our practice test, you can always start it over to do even better next time. And remember to use our helpful explanations if the right choice does not want to come easily!

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