Ontario G Road Test Route in Kitchener


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Address :

1405 Ottawa St N, Unit 11, Kitchener

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Written Direction

  • 1. Start from the Test Center parking lot
  • 2. Turn left onto Ottawa St N
  • 3. Continue Straight
  • 4. Turn right onto the ON-7 W ramp
  • 5. Merge onto ON-7
  • 6. Take the exit onto ON-8 E toward ON-401
  • 7. Take the Fairway Road exit toward Regional Road 53
  • 8. Turn left onto Fairway Rd S
  • 9. Turn left onto River Rd E
  • 10. Turn right onto Old Chicopee Dr
  • 11. Turn right onto Ottawa St N
  • 12. Continue straight to stay on Ottawa St N
  • 13. Turn right, Then go back to Test Center
  • 1. Start from test center parking lot
  • 2. Turn left onto Ottawa St N
  • 3. Turn right onto Montcalm Dr
  • 4. Turn right onto Indian Rd
  • 5. Turn left onto Queenston Dr
  • 6. Turn left onto Montcalm Dr
  • 7. Turn right onto Ottawa St N
  • 8. Turn left onto the ON-7 E ramp
  • 9. Merge onto ON-7
  • 10. Take the Wellington Street exit toward Frederick Street/Victoria Street/Ontario 7
  • 11. Keep left, follow signs for Wellington Street W
  • 12. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Wellington Sreet North and merge onto Wellington St N
  • 13. Take the ON-7 W ramp
  • 14. Merge onto ON-7
  • 15. Take the Ottawa Street N exit
  • 16. Turn left onto Ottawa St N
  • 17. Turn right back to test center
  • 1. Turn left onto Ottawa St N
  • 2. Continue Straight on Ottawa St N
  • 3. Turn right onto the ON-7 W ramp
  • 4. Merge onto ON-7
  • 5. Take the Courtland Avenue exit
  • 6. Turn right onto Courtland Ave E
  • 7. Head southeast on Courtland Ave E toward Carwood Ave
  • 8. Turn left to merge onto ON-7
  • 9. Take the Ottawa Street exit
  • 10. Turn right onto Ottawa St N (signs for Ottawa Street N/Regional Road 4)
  • 11. Continue straight to stay on Ottawa St N
  • 12. Turn right and go back to test center

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